The Big Page of Alts

(under construction)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Okee dokee, so we're gonna have a list of some alts I run around on....eventually.

But here's a start: (keep in mind, this is not nearly the full list, this is just the ones I've played in the last three days or so and that I can remember, hahah)

Featured Alt:

(War Party, Ner'zhul)
Pet: Nawat the Durotar Tiger


(Twilight, Ner'zhul)
Pet: Nem the Boar (a temporary pet for reasons I have yet to explain)

(War Party, Ner'zhul)
Pet: Lazura the Ghost Saber

(War Party, Ner'zhul)
Pet: Esteban the Spider

Pet: Bear, Ravager

PTR: I typically show up as the following:
Gelebs, Rayare, Galateia, or Galileo (eyo)

Non-hunters: (I have a lot of lowbies because I like deleting them and starting over)

Galileo (Ner'zhul, class changes, right now is a femtaur Warrior)
Gelebs (Ursin)
Rayare (Daggerspine)
Trikk (Ner'zhul)

Alliance (all classes)

Pangea (The Elders, Onyxia)

Mayr (The Elders, Onyxia)

Rayare (Onyxia)